Bluehost Hosting Review: Is It Actually The Best?

Bluehost is a facilitating supplier with solid client assistance, uptime, and incentive for cash. On the off chance that you’re hoping to have a WordPress site, at that point this is the supplier for you. A portion of Bluehost’s highlights are more grounded than others, however – read on to find out additional.

Is Bluehost Web Hosting for You?

Put in no time flat investigating the best web facilitating suppliers, and Bluehost will be on your radar very quickly – it’s generally utilized and enormously mainstream. Be that as it may, what sets Bluehost separated from the pack? Does it have precisely what you’re searching for, or would another supplier be a superior fit?

We’ll cover the main central factors inside and out, yet to begin, here’s Bluehost initially:

Sorts of Hosting

4 out of 5 stars

Facilitating Features

4 out of 5 stars

Plate Space

5 out of 5 stars


4 out of 5 stars

Help and Support

5 out of 5 stars

Incentive for Money

5 out of 5 stars

We’ve directed our own client testing of the top facilitating suppliers and thought about our discoveries for every supplier to rank each as precisely as could be expected under the circumstances. Bluehost’s specific qualities were client care, worker uptime, and incentive for cash.

Who Is Bluehost Best For?

Bluehost’s client service, solid uptime, and moderate apprentice plans make it a trustworthy facilitating supplier. In case you’re searching for antiquated unwavering quality, Bluehost is an incredible decision. That is the reason we’ve evaluated it as the best by and large facilitating supplier available. Bluehost is additionally the most ideal decision you can make in case you’re facilitating a WordPress site – it’s procured the title of best for WordPress facilitating in our exploration, and itself has been suggesting Bluehost since 2005. We likewise believe it’s quite extraordinary for photography site facilitating if that is your sort of thing.

In the video beneath, Bluehost client ‘Melty Way’ (a flame-broiled cheddar sandwich café in Utah) examines how Bluehost has assisted with developing their private venture:

Utah-based Bluehost went onto the scene in 2003. From that point forward, it’s gotten one of the main suppliers of web facilitating administrations and is right now claimed by The Endurance International Group, which likewise possesses contender HostGator. Bluehost at present powers in excess of 2,000,000 sites around the world, principally out of its server farm in Utah.

Upsides and downsides

Bluehost Pros

o Dependable worker uptime: Bluehost offers a super-serious uptime assurance of 99.98%

o Seamless WordPress mix: it couldn’t be simpler to set up a WordPress site through Bluehost

o Budget-level valuing: costs are as yet serious even after the main year, and an assortment of layered evaluating plans implies there’s a moderate alternative for each site

Bluehost Cons

o Additional costs: huge loads of discretionary additional items will sneak into your truck at checkout, and it’s dependent upon you to uncheck those things before you purchase

o Storage: Bluehost offers a modest quantity of capacity on its Basic arrangement contrasted with contenders

Dependability and Performance

We said Bluehost was trustworthy, and we implied it: Bluehost has an extraordinary uptime assurance of 99.98%. No web host can give 100% uptime, so 99.98% is a solid appearing – it means approximately one hour and 45 minutes of personal time every year. That is second just to Hostgator, which offers 99.99% uptime.

Sorts of Hosting and Features

Bluehost offers six distinct kinds of facilitating: Shared, Shared WordPress, WooCommerce, VPS, Managed WordPress, and Dedicated. We’ve separated the subtleties of each sort in our Bluehost Pricing Review, yet by and large, you can think about the distinctions like this:

o Shared: the least expensive and most effortless general assistance

o Shared WordPress: the least expensive and simplest approach to have a WordPress site

o WooCommerce: the most ideal approach to have an online store with WordPress

o VPS: not as costly as committed facilitating, and still useful for business destinations that need to go past the rudiments

o Managed WordPress: considerably more highlights for your facilitated WordPress site

o Dedicated: the most costly, yet in addition the most impressive facilitating administration

WordPress and Bluehost

WordPress suggests Bluehost as its main web facilitating supplier – and that is no little accomplishment, coming from an organization that is managed incalculable web has in now is the right time. In the event that you’re as of now set on having a WordPress website, at that point Bluehost is the best web host to go with. What’s more, on the off chance that you’re as of now set on Bluehost, at that point you should think about setting up your site with – you can introduce it through your Bluehost dashboard with only a single tick.

Other Bluehost Features

Consistent WordPress joining is Bluehost’s most great element, yet certainly not its lone element. We’ve gathered the remainder of Bluehost’s best contributions underneath:

The way that you can get such a great amount in one spot is a major draw for clients.


Bluehost positions profoundly in our examination for esteem for cash, with a score of 4.6/5. The best part? All Bluehost plans accompany a 30-day unconditional promise. Mutual facilitating is Bluehost’s least expensive arrangement, at $2.95/month for the main year and $7.99/month after that. Committed facilitating is the most costly arrangement, beginning at $79.99/month.

Bluehost Starting Prices:

o Shared facilitating: $2.95 every month, restores at $7.99 every month

o Shared WordPress facilitating: $2.95 every month, restores at $7.99 every month

o WooCommerce facilitating: $6.95 every month, reestablishes at $13.99 every month

o VPS facilitating: $18.99 every month, reestablishes at $29.99 every month

o Managed WordPress facilitating: $19.95 every month, reestablishes at $29.99 every month

o Dedicated facilitating: $79.99 every month, reestablishes at $119.99 every month

Bluehost Pricing versus Competitor Pricing

Which Plan Is the Best Value for Money?

On the off chance that you’re new to web facilitating or your webpage isn’t huge, at that point we suggest beginning with Bluehost’s Shared or Shared WordPress plans. They’re the least expensive, and still offer a good assortment of highlights. At the point when your site grows out of these common plans, you can generally move up to the pricier however better-prepared alternatives.

Bluehost Additional Costs

Sadly, most facilitating suppliers will fill your virtual bushel with add-on things during checkout. These miscellaneous items will climb up the cost of your arrangement, however, you can generally uncheck them prior to making your buy.

In any case, a portion of these extra things will merit the cash, contingent upon the kind of site you’re hoping to get off the ground. Here’s a review of the most well-known additional items you’ll run into:

Dropping Your Bluehost Plan

Bluehost’s 30-day unconditional promise implies that you get some an ideal opportunity to try out the stage and check whether it’s for you. Be that as it may, it’s imperative to settle on this choice inside the initial 30 days, in light of the fact that thereafter, Bluehost doesn’t offer any discounts or abrogations.

At the point when we connected with our email information base for audits of Bluehost, the cost of additional items came up as a zone for development. One peruser stated:


The best sign of a safe site is a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) testament. SSL testaments let clients realize that any data they share on your webpage will be protected, and these endorsements are shown by the lock symbol and the “https” toward the start of a web address.

Each Bluehost plan accompanies a free SSL declaration, so you never need to stress over guests getting an admonition that your site is unreliable. For further developed security, you can likewise buy a top-notch SSL declaration at $49.99/year. This would be commendable speculation for internet business locales or any website where clients will sign in with a username and secret key as well as giving delicate data (like Mastercard subtleties).

Other free Bluehost security highlights incorporate Spam Assassin assurance, hotlink insurance, and Secure Shell access. Essentially, Bluehost incorporates a sizable amount of safety efforts to get a standard website off the ground – yet in case you’re hoping to scale your webpage or sell on the web, you might need to put resources into a couple of additional items.

Bluehost offers a great deal of extra safety efforts to look over, yet they can rapidly add up and increment your bill, so it’s critical to pick carefully. For instance, SiteLock Find (progressed security for internet business) just expenses $1.99/month, yet on the off chance that you need to get it, it must be charged yearly at $23.88/year. That is as yet not a great deal to guarantee the assurance of your online customers, however it very well may be hard not to feel caught off-guard at checkout.

We know a huge extent of you read our facilitating surveys since your discontent with your current facilitating supplier, and hoping to switch. In light of this, we’ve analyzed that it is so natural to do the change to Bluehost.

The uplifting news is, it’s pretty straightforward. There’s a DIY approach we’ll cover in short beneath, or you can pay Bluehost to move your site for you. There’s even a reward free movement on offer for qualifying sites:

1. Moving your own site to Bluehost

Doing the movement cycle yourself is pretty straightforward with Bluehost, in light of the fact that it utilizes the standard cPanel dashboard. It’s a bit by bit measure which can take some time, and individuals absent a lot of specialized certainties may feel apprehensive giving it a go.

2. Paying for site relocation

For $149.99, Bluehost will assume total responsibility for moving your webpage to its workers (You can really climb to five sites and 20 email represents this cost).

Bluehost ensures no vacation in this cycle, and day in and day out help during and after it’s finished. For some individuals, simply having another person own this cycle will merit each penny.

It’s important that this administration isn’t accessible for affiliate, VPS, or devoted worker accounts.

Very few facilitating suppliers offer such a start to finish movement administration, so that is an immense tick in the crate for us!

3. Free site movement for (most) WordPress locales

Some WordPress destinations are really qualified to be relocated to Bluehost complimentary! Simply fill in the structure on Bluehost’s site whenever you’ve pursued a facilitating plan, and as long as there aren’t any convoluted additional items, a Bluehost master will move your site gratis!

Help and Support

Bluehost positions number one in our exploration for client care, procuring an ideal 5/5. It has an assortment of help alternatives, including live talk, email uphold tickets, and day in and day out telephone uphold.

… But we needed firsthand information on Bluehost’s client care, so we gave it a shot ourselves. In particular, we tried the usability and viability of two significant highlights: Bluehost’s information base, and Bluehost’s live talk. In general, these highlights surpassed our desires by 9%. In spite of the fact that we were dazzled in the two territories, we were more intrigued by Bluehost’s sweeping, accessible information place than its live visit abilities. We would have loved Bluehost’s live talk group to make it more clear how we could arrive at a similar colleague again later on, on the off chance that we had more inquiries.

Furthermore, if the live talk isn’t your favored technique for correspondence, Bluehost offers three distinctive specialized help numbers that you can call all things being equal, contingent upon your necessities:

o General enquiries

o VPS and committed facilitating

o WordPress help

A decent thing about Bluehost’s site is that it offers moment answers directly on the essential assistance page for a portion of the more normal issues. State, for instance, you can’t sort out some way to move your WordPress site from another host – you can tap on that issue on the assistance page, at that point be indicated various approaches to illuminate your issue, including an assistance article, live talk, and the particular telephone number you should call.

In case you’re feeling particularly well informed, it merits attempting to discover the appropriate response yourself on Bluehost’s help gatherings. It’s frequently snappier to do the exploration freely, and it will eventually give a superior comprehension of how a site functions.

As a rule, Bluehost outperformed our client care desires the most contrasted with the three other facilitating suppliers we tried. For instance, where Bluehost surpassed our desires by 9%, HostGator just surpassed them by 3%. Different suppliers like A2 Hosting and InMotion didn’t live up to our client care desires, which began at a standard of 80%.

Consumer loyalty

Besides client care, uptime and WordPress incorporation are likewise champion qualities for Bluehost. It performs well in an incentive for cash, as well – as long as you make sure to keep your eyes stripped for add-on costs during the checkout. Michael even proceeded to compose:


Numerous Bluehost clients have communicated dissatisfaction with the absence of pre-introduced highlights. The facts confirm that Bluehost has a ton to bring to the table, but on the other hand the facts demonstrate that you need to effectively single out which of those contributions you need on your site – and regularly at an extra expense.

Extra Products

We presently think about the extra costs that must be bought outside of your Bluehost plan. Yet, there are a lot of increments that do come remembered for each Bluehost plan. Indeed, the most essential, stripped down arrangement you can buy with Bluehost (the Basic Shared arrangement, $2.75/month basic value) actually accompanies:

o 50 GB SSD stockpiling

o Unmetered data transmission

o Free SSL testament (recall those?!)

o 1 space included

o 5 stopped spaces

o 25 sub spaces

Also, in the event that you adventure one level upwards to the Plus Shared arrangement (at a basic cost of $4.95/month), the number of sites, SSD stockpiling, areas, stopped spaces, and sub-areas all become limitless. Besides Shared likewise gives you 30 free days with one Office 365 letter drop, and hostile to spam email sifting through Spam Experts.

Bluehost isn’t only a facilitating supplier – it likewise works as an area name recorder, which implies you can look for and buy a space without utilizing an outsider’s help. It likewise implies you can deal with your area enrollment and facilitating administrations from a similar record.

Last Thoughts

In our general facilitating rankings, Bluehost comes in first, in front of facilitating heavyweights, for example, HostGator and GoDaddy. In singular classifications, Bluehost positions first for client assistance, second for uptime, and second for an incentive for cash. It’s likewise the best facilitating supplier to deal with a WordPress site with.

On the off chance that consistent highlights are your first concern, at that point you might be in an ideal situation with InMotion as opposed to Bluehost – as we’ve seen, Bluehost’s additional items and extra expenses can be confounding.

Our decision? Everything relies upon your site objectives – yet in case you’re searching for reasonableness and unwavering quality, Bluehost is a strong supplier.

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