DreamHost Hosting Review: How Does It Compare To Others?

Do we suggest it? Indeed! DreamHost offers an incredible web facilitating plan at serious costs.

DreamHost has been around for almost twenty years. More than 1.5 million sites are facilitated by them.

They have in excess of 400,000 clients and in excess of 750,000 WordPress establishments all through 100+ nations around the world.

These figures alone show that DreamHost is certainly a top part of the web facilitating industry.

Be that as it may, how great is their web facilitating administration? Like most suppliers, DreamHost offers a wide scope of web facilitating types, plans, and administrations.

I’ll give you a top to bottom examination of all that they offer, so you have enough data to choose if DreamHost is the best web facilitating administration for your site.

The Benefits of Using DreamHost Web Hosting

How about we investigate the top highlights and advantages of this supplier. Later we’ll plunge into a couple of different contemplations too.

Adequate stacking speeds

Honestly, DreamHost doesn’t have the quickest stacking speeds we’ve seen contrasted with other web facilitating suppliers. This measurement is unquestionably one of the main components to mull over when you’re assessing a web have.

In any case, all things considered, they certainly aren’t the slowest by the same token. Here’s a gander at the normal reaction times on a DreamHost test site.

Generally speaking, the normal reaction time is 740 ms.

In all actuality, that is exceptionally quick. In any case, once more, I’ve seen destinations that heap in generally a fraction of the hour of DreamHost. So, I’d state these midpoints are adequate. They aren’t really the quickest web have available today, yet you should at present be content with their velocities.

High uptime rates

On the off chance that you take a gander at the uptime rates on a similar outline above, you’ll see that DreamHost has a 99.928% normal uptime so far this year.

As per an ongoing contextual investigation directed by Hosting Facts, the normal uptime of 32 well-known webs has is 99.59%. So DreamHost is over than normal.

So, they fall outside of the best 10 hosts as far as uptime.

You can take a gander at this a similar way you take a gander at their page stacking speed. It’s a high number, and more than adequate for your site, yet it’s simply not the best contrasted with the opposition.

As per the DreamHost expressions of administration, they ensure a 100% uptime rate. So on the off chance that they don’t fulfill that guideline, you’ll get a kudos for one day of administration, for consistently that your site is down.

Nonetheless, that credit will maximize at 10% of your next paid ahead of time facilitating reestablishment. This implies that it’s a credit toward whenever you’re charged, rather than a discount for what you’ve just paid.

It’s additionally significant that any booked support or client mistakes that cause personal time don’t matter to this guarantee.

Unconditional promise

Web facilitating suppliers don’t regularly offer free preliminaries. To check whether you’re content with their administration, you’ll have to join.

We’ve seen heaps of web facilitating suppliers offer a 30-day unconditional promise. So in case you’re not content with your administration in the main month, you’re qualified for a discount.

However, DreamHost blows away anything we’ve found regarding an unconditional promise.

Indeed, you read that effectively. Your eyes are not pulling pranks on you.

DreamHost offers a 97-day ensure! That is over a quarter of a year to evaluate their web facilitating plan to check whether you’re fulfilled.

It’s significant that this just applies to web facilitating charges, and no additional items that you paid for.

However, when I see a facilitating supplier offer something like this, it reveals to me a certain something—they remain behind their administrations. On the off chance that they imagined that most of their clients would request discounts, they wouldn’t set up this approach.

This assurance diminishes your danger and causes you to feel more sure about your buy. I’m in every case more slanted to purchase administrations from organizations that remain behind what they’re selling.

Earth neighborly

DreamHost is a “green” web facilitating supplier, which implies they are naturally cognizant.

I realize that this doesn’t really affect your site’s exhibition, yet it’s as yet a significant factor to mull over.

To decrease their carbon impression, DreamHost utilizes LED and low-mercury lighting, streamlined HVAC plants at their workplaces. DreamHost server farms have high-proficiency coolers, utilize environmentally friendly power sources, and take an interest in “clean wind” programs in specific zones.

Low reestablishment rates

It’s a typical practice for web facilitating suppliers to offer low starting rates, and afterward lift the costs when it’s the ideal opportunity for the agreement to recharge.

Contingent upon the web have, those costs can almost twofold.

Yet, DreamHost is one of only a handful few suppliers that doesn’t utilize this valuing technique. Costs don’t consequently increment when you restore your agreement.

All things considered, DreamHost offers value breaks dependent on the length of your agreement, which we saw prior when I demonstrated to you their arrangements.

Limitless highlights

DreamHost offers heaps of “unlimited” with their web facilitating plans, which isn’t generally basic in the business.

With a few exemptions, you’ll get limitless plate space and data transfer capacity with your web facilitating plans. They additionally offer limitless organization moves and limitless email alternatives.

Different contemplations

We discovered that in spite of the fact that they have high uptimes and quick stacking speeds, they’re not industry pioneers in those classes.

That aside, there are a couple of different things that you should remember when you’re assessing DreamHost as a potential specialist co-op for your site.

Paid site relocations

Heaps of web hosts will toss in a free webpage relocation as a motivation to change to their administration.

In any case, that is not the situation with DreamHost.

Except if you have an overseen WordPress facilitating plan, you’ll need to pay $99 for this administration.

While it may not be serious in case you’re just moving one webpage, this can add up rapidly for those of you who are overseeing sites for your customers.

There are a few limitations for movements also. They can’t move multisite WordPress destinations or web designer locales.

You can discover a bit by bit guidance manage on the best way to do this physically on their site, yet it is anything but a simple assignment. I wouldn’t suggest this cycle in case you’re a learner.

Limited help

This piggybacks off of our last point. It seems like another web has out there are all the more ready to do some hard work for their clients.

Past that, they have an information base and gatherings that can be useful for discovering answers for any inquiries or issues you may have.

They guarantee to have day in and day out help, however on the off chance that you call or attempt to get help by means of live talk twilight, you won’t generally get what you’re searching for.

The chatbot on their site appears to have restricted reactions, even in the center of a non-weekend day.

This is a clasp of a discussion I had when I was perusing for cloud facilitating plans. The way that “salesman” or “deals group” didn’t enroll another set off a reaction from this AI bot is somewhat amazing.

Think about DreamHost Web Hosting Plans

Contrasted with other web facilitating suppliers, DreamHost unquestionably has one of the broadest arrangements of facilitating choices to browse. They offer a wide scope of facilitating types and value focuses to address the issues of almost any site.

Shared hosting

DreamHost has two levels of shared hosting plans: Starter and Unlimited. They offer three-year, one-year, and month-to-month contracts for each arrangement. In spite of the fact that the more you submit, the more affordable your rate will be.

Estimating for the Starter plan begins at $2.59, $3.95, and $4.95 every month, contingent upon the length of your agreement terms. The Unlimited arrangement goes for $5.95, $6.95, or $10.95 every month.

The Starter plan is ideal for new site administrators or little new businesses (under 25,000 guests for every month)

The Unlimited arrangement doesn’t have a cap on the number of sites you can have. It additionally accompanies a free email for your space, which is a paid extra with the Starter plan.

Both of these common plans are best for apprentices who are on a limited financial plan. Contrast them and our other shared facilitating audits.


Virtual private workers are quite often a stage up from shared facilitating. With DreamHost, you’ll profit by oversaw execution, alongside upgraded security and updates.

DreamHost likewise gives your site its own worker assets, which velocities up the stacking times.

As your site develops, your VPS plan permits you to update your capacity and RAM in under 10 seconds. It’s amazingly simple for anybody to set up, paying little heed to your specialized aptitude level.

All VPS plans are overseen, which means you won’t need to stress over managing any workers. This is completely taken care of by the help and operational groups at DreamHost.

The VPS facilitating alternatives additionally uphold affiliate and sub represents those of you who intend to oversee sites for your customers.

There are four unique levels of VPS estimating from DreamHost. Here’s a correlation between every one of the four.

As should be obvious, they have plans that help a wide scope of site types and business needs. The entirety of the valuing appeared above is for three-year contracts.

The cost every month will increment on the off chance that you go with a one-year agreement or month-to-month plan.

Dedicated Hosting

DreamHost’s devoted workers can be leased yearly or month-to-month. Dissimilar to the mutual and VPS plans, they don’t offer three-year contracts for committed facilitating.

All things considered, the devoted facilitating plans give the broadest and adjustable alternatives.

Plans are divided into two classifications:

• Standard

• Enhanced

Yet, inside every class, you can pick the amount of RAM and plate space you need.

The Standard arrangement has three alternatives, and the improved arrangement has six choices. So by and large, you can pick between nine unique designs for your committed worker.

True to form, cost increments as you add stockpiling. Rates range from $149 every month to $379 every month for yearly agreements.

The devoted workers from DreamHost are for those of you who need unlimited oversight. You’ll have full root access, and the capacity to completely deal with your sites, email locations, and spaces.

Cloud hosting

DreamCompute is the cloud facilitating administration offered by DreamHost. It’s an extraordinary decision for those of you who need more control, without the additional expense.

Cloud facilitating enables you to change your settings on request. This exceptionally benefits individuals with developing sites that see traffic spikes.

The best part about this arrangement is that the evaluation is adaptable.

Dissimilar to each other arrangement we’ve seen so far offered by DreamHost, the cloud facilitating isn’t charged at a fixed month to month rate.

All things considered, they have a most extreme sum that you’ll get charged every month, contingent upon the size of the worker you pick. In any case, you just get charged for what you really use.

Adaptable evaluation is unquestionably one of the top advantages of cloud facilitating when all is said in done. Only one out of every odd web facilitating supplier offers cloud facilitating plans, so it’s ideal to see that a legitimate organization like DreamHost has this choice for its clients.

WordPress hosting

DreamHost has plans that are explicitly proposed for WordPress clients also. Taking into account that over 30% of the whole Internet is controlled by WordPress, it’s an incredible choice to have in case you’re utilizing this CMS.

Alongside BlueHost and SiteGround, DreamHost is one of the three web facilitating suppliers that are “authoritatively” suggested on the WordPress site.

DreamHost offers:

• Shared facilitating for WordPress

• Managed WordPress facilitating

• VPS for WordPress

On the off chance that you exploit one of these alternatives, DreamHost will introduce WordPress for you. You’ll have the option to set up everything with only a single tick. You’ll additionally profit by programmed WordPress refreshes and computerized every day reinforcements of your WordPress site.


DreamHost is a legitimate web facilitating supplier. While they don’t lead the path in each exhibition class, they actually have extraordinary alternatives for you to consider.

Would We suggest DreamHost? Totally.

I like this supplier since they have such a wide scope of facilitating types and plans for you to browse. Dissimilar to different suppliers out there, DreamHost is straightforward with their estimating, and won’t lift your rates when it’s an ideal opportunity to reestablish.

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